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Item No.: PTJ012H Description: 4 layers tall unit basket Dimension: D450xW350xH(1150~1350)mm Cabinet Width: 400mm Feature: 1) Basket options: Wire basket/flat iron basket/wooden basket; 2) Heavy duty slider with soft closing provide the excellent balance, smooth and stable pull out/pull in; 3) The overall size can be adjusted to fix non-standard size cabinet; 4) The height between the baskets can be adjusted freely; 6) The basket is made of high quality steel through three steps of watering precision work; 7) The finishing is non-cyanide plating for environmental protection, it's with double nickel layers of plating to strengthen the anticorrosion capacity of the products; 8) Recommended storage of items as snacks, cooking ingredients, dried fruits, spices, diary products, drinks and kitchen wares; 9) Weight capacity: 80kgs

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