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Item NO: Hob tray SS 600mm (24') [E081060] Dimension: D440xW564xH189mm Cabinet Width: 600mm Inside width of cabinet: 564mm Item No: Hob tray SS 700mm (27') [E081070] Dimension: D440xW664xH189mm Cabinet Width: 700mm Inside width of cabinet: 664mm Item No.: Hob tray SS 800mm (30') [E081080] Dimension: D440xW764xH189mm Cabinet Width: 800mm Inside width of cabinet: 764mm Item No.: Hob tray SS 900mm (36') [E081090] Dimension: D440xW864xH189mm Cabinet Width: 900mm Inside width of cabinet: 864mm Feature: Perfect for organizing plates, bowls, make the drawer more tidy, different sizes can be selected according to different cabinets. Technology: The basket is made of high quality steel/ stainless steel with environment-friendly non-cyanide electroplating finishing, double nickel layers of plating to strengthen the anticorrosion capacity of the products. Design: Excellent slider makes it absolutely stable, smooth and quiet, 2 kinds of slider options to meet different market demands, common or soft-closing. Storage: Plates, bowls or cooking ingredients, dried fruits and spices. Weight capacity: Maximum loading capacity 30kgs.

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