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4-sided basket PTJ007V/U/Q/T drawer basket with dish rack, can be used under the stove or kitchen countertop. • Baskets are chrome plated via 4 steps of watering precision work; Enviroment-friendly non-cyanide electroplating finishing, with double nickel layers of plating to strengthen the anticorrosion capacity of the products. • Plastic tray can be purchased according to the purpose. • Storage: Any kinds of kitchen aplicances, plates, bowls or cooking ingredients,dried fruits and spices. • Loading capacity: 30kgs.
Name Item Cabinet Depth x Width x Height Material Color Inside Width of Cabinet
kitchen drawer basket
PTJ007V 600 425×564×140 mm Iron chrome 564
PTJ007U 700 425×664×140 mm Iron chrome 664
PTJ007Q 800 425×664×140 mm Iron chrome 764
PTJ007T 900 425×764×140 mm Iron chrome 864

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